Prepare for the ultimate battles with the X-Tracta series, meticulously designed for those intense encounters that pit man against the toughest adversaries. We’ve spared no expense in assembling the highest quality components into one unparalleled build, ensuring your gear stands up to the challenge.

At the core of the X-Tracta series lies a fusion of excellence. Our Duralon grip has been expertly bonded to a three-layer carbon blank, striking the perfect balance between exceptional strength and lightweight performance. This combination provides unrivaled durability and a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, enabling you to tackle the most formidable opponents with confidence.

To amplify your pulling power, we’ve incorporated a torsion-reducing Dual Hyper Coil coating at the butt end of the rod. This innovative technology increases your leverage by 20%, enhancing your ability to control and overpower even the most stubborn adversaries.

In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we have selected Fuji Titanium SiC rings as the final addition to the X-Tracta series. Known for their toughness and exceptional durability, these rings ensure long-lasting performance, withstanding the harshest conditions and relentless battles.


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