Atomic, a pioneer in lure design, has revolutionized Australian angling for over fifteen years. Starting small, it’s now a comprehensive fishing brand offering cutting-edge products—from soft plastics to hardbody lures, jigheads, semi-hard hybrids, rods, and customization tools—all meticulously crafted to meet rigorous quality and performance benchmarks.

The Atomic lineup is expansive, designed to seamlessly complement each other for optimal tackle performance. Atomic Hardz, the hard body collection, boasts groundbreaking products like the tournament-winning Crank 38 series, alongside premium lures such as the K9, Pop 50, Metalz, and Shiner.

In the realm of soft plastic baits, Atomic Plazos stands out. With paddle tails, bass grubs, jerk minnows, and the innovative prawn imitation, the prong, this range caters from finesse 2” plastics for smaller fish to 7” jerk minnows for larger species, delivering lethal effectiveness across the board.

To pair with these fine plastics, the Atomic Seekerz jigheads are unparalleled. With a wide array, including quality Gamakatsu hooks, they cover everything from finesse to heavy-duty jigheads, ensuring a perfect match for any fishing need.

The innovative Semi-Hardz combines the best of soft body throughwire construction for lifelike fish replication. The Realbaitz range mirrors iconic bait species, boasting precise anatomical features and realistic swim actions.

For premium fishing lines, Atomic Linez is the top choice, offering monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines designed with precision and crafted from top-notch materials for various fishing applications.

The Arrowz rod series embodies the epitome of excellence, featuring Fuji guides and reel seats, high-quality cork, and high-performance blanks. From light estuary to heavy offshore models, these rods are ergonomic and flawless in performance for both spin and baitcaster enthusiasts.

Trick Bitz rounds up the Atomic arsenal, offering customization options like glass rattles, assist hooks, adhesive eyes, and sticky weight to personalize and enhance your lures.

For aspiring lure anglers, the Atomic range is the ultimate tackle box—a comprehensive collection from rods to hard baits, soft plastics, jigheads, and customization tools, all geared to elevate your angling experience to new heights.