MajorCraft boasts a rich heritage rooted in Japan, renowned for their use of high-quality Fuji components in all their rods, ensuring anglers no longer compromise quality for affordability. As a leading seller of lure fishing rods in Japan, MajorCraft brings this expertise to the Australian market, offering a range of models across various price points, each utilizing the same top-notch Fuji components. Our team ventured to Japan, handpicking models tailored to Australian angling preferences, focusing on value, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.

Moreover, the expansive MajorCraft JigPara series encompasses an array of high-quality jigging products rigorously tested in diverse conditions, catering to a broad spectrum of fishing styles from vertical to shore casting applications. This extensive lineup presents the largest variety of jig styles under one banner, ensuring choices aplenty for anglers.

For braid enthusiasts, the Dangan Braid, available in 4 and 8 strands, suits offshore, estuary, and egi applications. Its super-smooth texture, accentuated by a special surface coating, minimizes friction and maximizes casting distance.

Every MajorCraft product undergoes meticulous hand selection, tailored for Australian conditions, and undergoes rigorous local species testing, assuring anglers of their reliability and suitability for Australian waters.