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Our roots lie in sponsoring tournament anglers at the inception of bream and bass tournaments, forming the foundation of our business. Over time, our Ambassador Team has expanded to encompass a diverse group, including skilled anglers, journalists, and others who share our commitment to crafting top-notch fishing tackle in Australia. The key to any successful partnership is cultivating a mutually beneficial environment that fosters growth for all parties involved. We empower our Pro Team members to become the best anglers they can be.

Securing sponsorship is no easy feat; it transcends the act of fishing alone. It entails dedication, which can manifest through tournament participation, sharing images and stories of successful catches with our products, delivering talks at tackle stores to promote our offerings, and seizing any opportunity to endorse the products you use. Merely having a Facebook or Instagram presence is a necessity, integral to spreading the word effectively.

If you’re genuinely interested in seeking sponsorship, take the time to explore our website, familiarize yourself with our products, and if your enthusiasm remains undiminished, complete the form below for our consideration.

Rest assured, we diligently review each application and will respond as promptly as possible. Your application won’t be forgotten, as we continually seek the next generation of anglers to join our Pro Team.

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