Indulge in the power and resilience of the Runoff range, specially crafted to tackle the relentless battles offered by formidable sportsfish like Barra and Cod. Built to withstand the rigors of these hard-fighting species, these rods showcase the exceptional quality and durability synonymous with Samurai.

At the heart of the Runoff range lies the triple-layer carbon blank, embodying Samurai’s commitment to excellence. Each rod is meticulously constructed with the utmost precision and attention to detail. The result is a blank that delivers remarkable strength while maintaining a light and responsive feel. To further enhance performance, the base of the blank features a bi-axial fused wrap, effectively reducing torsion under heavy loads and ensuring optimal power transmission.

The business end of the Runoff range begins with the Duragrip handle, skillfully cut to the perfect thickness for a comfortable and secure hold. This thoughtful design minimizes fatigue, allowing you to stay focused and in control throughout your angling adventures. Complementing the exceptional build, Fuji Alconite K Series anti-tangle guides provide flawless line management, ensuring smooth and accurate casts even in challenging conditions.


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