Experience the true essence of jigging without the burden of exhaustion. Weight and comfort are paramount, and that’s why the X-Tracta heavy jigging rods have been meticulously designed and tested to alleviate fatigue. These rods boast an advanced triple-layer carbon blank, encased in a Dual-Hyper Coil wrap, striking the perfect balance between lightweight construction and uncompromising strength. Built to withstand the relentless demands of tough offshore jigging, the X-Tracta rods offer unparalleled performance.

Once you’re hooked into a powerful fish, the innovative blank design and overwrap technology work harmoniously to minimize torsion, amplifying the rod’s reaction force by an impressive 20%. This means the fish are fighting harder, while you can maintain your composure and control. Every movement is met with optimal resistance, allowing you to battle with confidence and precision.

Incorporating the finest components, the X-Tracta heavy jigging rods feature Titanium K frame anti-tangle guides from Fuji.


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