Meticulously tuned and built for unparalleled lure casting performance, these rods feature Samurai’s microfused blank enhancing the rod’s action with a faster recoil time, delivering a crisper and more responsive experience throughout its length. Despite its lightweight design, this class-leading blank offers unrivalled real-time sensitivity, ensuring you never miss a subtle strike.

Samurai takes it a step further by incorporating Fuji Titanium SiC guides, elevating the Refractions series to new heights of refinement and comfort. These guides provide impeccable line management and smooth casting performance, making these baitcasters the epitome of excellence in their class.

Embrace the precision and versatility of the Refractions series, where every aspect has been carefully designed to deliver an extraordinary baitcasting experience. With its top-end components, refined craftsmanship, and thoughtful customization options, these rods are ready to accompany you on your pursuit of unforgettable fishing moments.


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Showing all 11 results