The Samurai Infinites represent a vision of merging top-tier components with impeccable craftsmanship, culminating in the pinnacle of fishing rods. Our Infinites embody the Stealth Concept, a minimalist design aimed at achieving unparalleled responsiveness and smoothness.

The Micro-fuse blank strikes a balance between crispness and speed, offering a quick recoil time that optimizes lure casting for enhanced accuracy and distance. The guide assembly boasts ultra-light Torzite rings within titanium guides, crafting a lightweight and rigid structure that amplifies the already unparalleled sensitivity and feel of the Infinites.

Completing this extraordinary package is the balanced and lightweight Fuji skeleton reel seat, thoughtfully designed to offer superior feel and significantly reduce swing weight, resulting in quicker and more efficient hook-ups. Unlock a world of precision, sensitivity, and unmatched performance, elevating your angling endeavors and discovering the true potential of a fishing rod.


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