Prepare to marvel at the intricacy of the Samurai Egi rods, meticulously forged using the revolutionary Hex Axial cross-woven carbon graphite. This cutting-edge material ensures an astoundingly lightweight yet robust blank, setting a new benchmark in performance. Employing the specialised Cross Fusion Press process, Samurai intricately intertwines and merges the fibres, resulting in a precisely engineered, machine-rolled multi-tapered blank. This construction is pivotal for mastering the lunging runs of sizable squid, granting the angler the requisite power and control for a triumphant catch.

The delicately light and whip-sharp tip of the Samurai Egi rod swiftly translates any angler’s movement into instant action for the jig. This unparalleled responsiveness is crucial in enticing and captivating squid, significantly amplifying the prospects of a successful hookup. With the Samurai Egi rod in hand, anglers gain the confidence to deftly maneuver their jig with precision and finesse, captivating even the most elusive and selective squid.

Experience the epitome of squid fishing prowess with the Samurai Egi rods. Immerse yourself in the finesse of jigging, armed with a rod that seamlessly blends lightweight resilience, instantaneous action, and top-of-the-line components. Let the Samurai Egi rod be your guiding light to triumph on your next squid fishing expedition.


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