The Egi Zo Squid Jigs have become a staple among anglers nationwide. Initially offered in 11 standard colors, this range has expanded to include Glow, Blue Glow, and UV finishes, integrated into the clear body of the jig for added appeal.

Glow stands out in murky waters and night fishing, Blue Glow is an all-purpose color recognized easily by squid, and the UV finish attracts squid in high-pressure conditions during the day.

Innovative and efficient, the Egizo Bait Feather (MCEB) series features reverse bird feathers designed by Dr. Sonoda. These “bait feathers” simulate small fish chest fins, providing a light, sharp dart action while minimizing rod movement resistance. Available in various colors and sizes, they enhance casting distances and reduce air resistance, offering versatility for anglers.

Meanwhile, the Egizo (MCEGZ) design utilizes a sharp nose for dynamic darting actions and a stable side edge for controlled descents. Their slow-sinking nature keeps them in the strike zone for longer periods, ideal for low-flow areas.

These jigs boast durable cloth coverings that adapt to water temperature variations, with ultra-fine hooks coated in fluorine and black for a stealthy approach. Featuring large, lifelike eyes resembling a squid’s prey and a feather for added movement, they’re available in sizes ranging from 1.8 to 3.5, catering to various angling environments—be it boat or shore-based fishing.

With their innovative design and enhanced features, the Egi Zo Squid Jigs revolutionize the squid angling experience, providing anglers with heightened efficiency and success on the water.


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