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The popular range of Egi Zo squid lures have been a hit for anglers chasing squid all over the country. There are plenty of colours to choose from including including Glow, Blue glow and UV finishes. These new colours are impregnated into the clear body of the jig, not the cloth colouring.
The Glow is effective in situations where you are looking for high appeal. Areas such as muddy water and even night, this colour will be the difference. It is considered in Japan to be an excellent prospecting or searching colour.
Blue Glow is considered an all-rounder, suitable for night and day. They say that blue glow is identified easily by squid and therefore is an excellent colour to draw in hungry squid.
The UV is an exceptional daytime option. The UV absorbs and emits ultra-violet rays and emits that light. It is a proven attractor for squid in high pressure locations.
The Majorcraft Egi Zo jig design uses a sharp nose to encourage a sharp darting action while on the body, a side edge ensures the jig falls with stable attitude. These are a slow sinking jig that makes them stay in the strike zone longer. Perfect for areas with low flow and shallow depth.
We use a durable cloth covering which aids the lures temperature variation to the surrounding water. The ultra-fine spikes, or hooks are coated in fluorine and black for a stealthy approach to squid angling.
The large life-like eye resembles that of the favourite prey of the squid, a prawn. A feather adds movement as the lure drifts down in the current.

They are available in 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 sizes, offering a wide variety for boat and shore-based anglers.


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Disc – MC Egizo 2.5 – #001 Kabuki Orange (gold gro, Disc – MC Egizo 2.5 – #002 Kabuki Orange (rainbow, Disc – MC Egizo 2.5 – #003 Kabuki Pink (gold groun, Disc – MC Egizo 2.5 – #005 Kabuki Olive (gold grou, MC Egizo 2.5 – #012 Glow / Gold Orange, MC Egizo 2.5 – #013 Glow / Appeal Orange, MC Egizo 2.5 – #014 Blue Glow / Marble Pink, MC Egizo 2.5 – #015 Blue Glow / Appeal Red, MC Egizo 2.5 – #016 Blue Glow / Blue, MC Egizo 2.5 – #017 UV / Marble Orange, MC Egizo 2.5 – #018 UV / Pink, MC Egizo 2.5 – #019 UV / Gold Brown, MC Egizo 2.5 – #020 UV / Purple, MC Egizo 2.5 – #021 Gold Brown, MC Egizo 2.5 – #022 Gold Green, MC Egizo 2.5 – #023 Red Purple, MC Egizo 2.5 – #024 Keimura Red Purple, MC Egizo 2.5 – #025 Keimura Orange Brown, MC Egizo 2.5 – #026 Keimura Olive, MC Egizo 2.5 – #027 Glow Pink, MC Egizo 2.5 – #028 Clear Orange, MC Egizo 2.5 – #029 Clear Appeal Sunset, MC Egizo 2.5 – #030 Clear Brown, MC Egizo 2.5 – #031 Clear Bait