MajorCraft EZ Tip Run Leader

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Majorcraft Tip Run Sinker and Leader

The Tip Run technique is used to fish deeper water for squid. Conventional jigs are not heavy enough for this technique, so the addition of a chin sinker allows you to fish deeper and more effectively. It also moves the weight of the jig so the tow point is now more centred which is crucial for the technique.

The Majorcraft Tip Run Sinker comes in orange, purple and pink in weights from 10 grams to 40 grams. Place the weight over the chin of the jig. When using the tip run sinker, maintain tension on the line and the weight and tow point will maintain a horizontal to slight nose down attitude.

In conjunction with the tip run sinker, the Tip Run Leader is an easy to set leader in 60 or 80cm lengths tied on 12lb fluorocarbon. This allows you to run a twin jig paternoster set up when fishing deep water quickly and easily. The leader is fitted with twin egi clips which work perfectly with the small gaps in the tip run sinker.

The technique involves dropping the jig to the bottom and then making a series of quick but short lifts and then let the drift of the boat take over. You can still use your favourite jig colours in a completely new way.

The name comes from the style of looking or watching for bites from squid by watching the tip of the rod like fishing with bait.

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MC EZ Tip Run leader 60cm, MC EZ Tip Run leader 80cm