Plazos Shad 4″

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The shads are a perfect bait to use for deepwater fishing for almost any species. Retrieved slowly on the bottom, the ultra-slim profile produces excellent side body action and it has a very life-like baitfish appearance. This bait can be cast and retrieved, jigged, jerked off the bottom, and even slow trolled all with devastating results. Try the 6” for larger fish like Barra or Jew or big flatties. The smaller sizes will work on bass and bream.

Style: Shad.
Size: 4 Inch.

Tech Tips

Bream, bass, estuary perch, mulloway, barramundi, flathead and murray cod
The Atomic Plazos Shads is a bait profile with a large paddle tail. It is capable of being used at multiple retrieve speeds It can be cast and wound slowly where the tail will wobble in the water. It has to be rigged on a jighead and will be most effective in estuaries for bream and impoundments for bass in the smaller sizes and off the stones or boat for mulloway, barramundi and murray cod in the larger sizes.
• The paddle tail has to be rigged on a jighead. Make sure it is rigged straight for the most lifelike action.
• Use a slow roll retrieve or try a burn and kill which is to wind, then stop and repeat. Vary the wind time and pause time until you find a pattern.
• Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
• It can be allowed to sink and then wound steadily where the tail move from side to side in the water attracting predatory fish.
• Fish will often hit it on the drop.
• You could slow troll the larger 6 inch size on a suitable jighead for barramundi and murray cod.


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Plazos 4 Inch Shad – Carolina Pumpkin Disco, Plazos 4 Inch Shad – Gold Glitter, Plazos 4 Inch Shad – Green Gord, Plazos 4 Inch Shad – Green Pumpkin Disco, Plazos 4 Inch Shad – Grey Ghost, Plazos 4 Inch Shad – Real Shad, Plazos 4 Inch Shad – Smoked Back Disco


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