The Atomic Semi-Hardz, a soft-bodied lure, is irresistible to fish across a wide spectrum of species, ranging from 40mm to 110mm in minnow and vibe profiles. Designed and conceived in Australia, these innovative lures cater to bream, bass, snapper, barramundi, and other reef fish.

Their lifelike feel and appearance, perfectly weighted for horizontal sinking with a subtle shimmy, make them versatile. The minnow style can create darting action through twitches, entice wary feeders with a subtle wobble on the sink, or mimic surface movement with a walk-the-dog retrieve. The vibe profile sinks horizontally and mimics a metal blade’s tight wobble, zipping up from the bottom with a lift of the rod tip.

Available in an array of new colors and sizes, the Atomic Semi-Hardz offers versatility, allowing anglers to fish on the surface, in mid-water, or closer to the bottom with ease.


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Showing all 13 results