The Atomic Real Baitz lineup is an innovative addition designed to emulate beloved Australian bait species like mullet, pilchards, whiting, and herring. These lures excel due to their remarkably realistic feel and colour patterns that closely mirror iconic bait species.

Real Baitz feature precise anatomical features of the species right down to colours and the lure swimming action. They are weighted to ensure the lure sinks with a downward swimming angle on the drop. They can be fished like a soft plastic and will respond well to rod lifts or even a slow burn back to the angler. Extensively tested on inshore and offshore species, these are as close to a real live bait as you will find.

Michael Starkey – Lure designer

Constructed as pre-rigged plastics, the Real Baitz feature precise anatomical details, including lifelike colours and actions specific to each species. They’re perfectly weighted for a horizontal sink with a downward swimming angle on the drop. Versatile in their use, these lures can be employed similarly to soft plastics, responding well to rod lifts and slow retrieves.

Their effectiveness has been tested and proven in various locations, from inshore reefs along the north coast to estuaries and impoundments in northern Queensland. Real Baitz have demonstrated their capability in enticing mulloway, snapper, barramundi, and reef species like coral trout. Available in a variety of sizes and species-specific colours, these lures cater to diverse angling preferences.

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