VJTS TCH Jigging Trigger Reel Seat Titanium

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Vertical Jigging Trigger Seat
Designed for anglers seeking unparalleled performance in their jigging pursuits. Crafted from long carbon fibre reinforced plastic, this reel seat, in tandem with the Fuji Barrier Free System, eliminating bumps and grooves, guarantees a comfortable and stress-free grip, even during those heavy and frenetic fishing expeditions. The Flat Back design delivers the highest level of palming comfort, essential for effective jigging. Adding to its usability is a durable vertical trigger that ensures a firm grip, while the reduced body height facilitates a more secure hold with the entire palm, making it the ultimate jigging seat with exceptional holding power.
To further enhance grip stability, a recess on the rear face emphasizes finger placement, preventing slipping and providing additional assistance for a secure hold. The adoption of a 30mm rear edge aligns with large-diameter rear grips and aims to minimize palm fatigue caused by palming larger-sized jigging reels. The Fuji TCH VJTS epitomizes a blend of innovation and practicality, offering Australian anglers an unrivalled jigging experience.

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T – Polished Titanium


Titanium Carbon Hybrid (TCH) Reel Seats


VJTS – Vertical Trigger

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VJTS TCH Jigging Trigger Reel Seat Locking T 19, VJTS TCH Jigging Trigger Reel Seat Pol Lock T 19, VJTS TCH Jigging Trigger Reel Seat Polished T 19, VJTS TCH Jigging Trigger Reel Seat T 19