In the pursuit of angling excellence, we delved into the core question: where do strength and lightness intersect in fishing rod materials? Our quest sparked the revolutionary Triple Layer Carbon blank technology.

Crafting a fishing rod blank demands a delicate equilibrium. Excessive resin yields a robust yet cumbersome rod, while insufficient resin creates brittleness. Our goal? To pinpoint the balance where strength and weight converge for the perfect blank.

Our relentless innovation birthed a three-layered blank. The top and bottom layers oppose at angles, while the central layer stands vertical. Painstaking experimentation maximized resilience, flexibility, and striking force, reducing twisting for seamless energy transmission.

To reinforce strength, each blank undergoes resin infusion with tailored recipes. Precision machining ensures ideal resin distribution, creating flawless blanks without internal flaws that could cause breakage.

Culminating in a pressurized hot press baking, our process melds the layers into a singular, resilient entity. The outcome? Triple Layer Carbon blanks epitomizing power, lightness, and responsiveness—a testament to our dedication to redefine your angling experience.

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Showing all 18 results