MajorCraft SolPara X Egi Series

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Code Length PE Jig Size
MCSPX-832E 8’3 0.4-1.2 2.5-3.5
MCSPX-832EL 8’3 0.4-1.0 2.0-3.5
MCSPX-832EXL 8’3 0.4-0.8 1.2-2.5
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The Solpara X range offers two distinctive lineups: the Egi rods and the shore spin rods, both featuring updated aesthetics and Fuji ‘O’ rings. Designed for shore fishing, these rods cater to chasing sizable fish, including squid, with precision and efficiency.

The Egi series includes three 8’3 rods, making them easily transportable. These two-piece rods boast a parabolic curve ideal for absorbing the strong runs of large squid. Suited for jigs ranging from 1.2 to 4.0, they’re tailored for squid fishing.

The Solpara spin series is an affordable option for newcomers entering spinning from the shore. Designed for catching tuna, kingfish, salmon, or tailor, these rods can cast jigs, metals, and surface or sub-surface lures.

Doubling as bait rods off the beach or rocks, the shore spin rods range from 9’0 to 10’0. With a sensitive tip transitioning into a powerful bottom end, they deliver exceptional casting distance while maintaining versatility for various fishing techniques.

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MC SolPara X Egi SPX-832E, MC SolPara X Egi SPX-832EL, MC SolPara X Egi SPX-832EXL