MajorCraft GiantKilling 5G Series

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MCGK5-B60H 1 Overhead 6’0 Parabolic 180-300g 2.0-4.0PE
MCGK5-B60M 1 Overhead 6’0 Parabolic 120-210g 1.5-3.0PE
MCGK5-B60MH 1 Overhead 6’0 Parabolic 150-260g 2.0-4.0PE
MCGK5-B60ML 1 Overhead 6’0 Parabolic 80-180g 1.0-3.0PE
MCGK5-S63M 1 Spinning 6’3 Parabolic 1200-210g 1.5-3.0PE
MCGK5-S63MH 1 Spinning 6’3 Parabolic 150-260g 2.0-4.0PE
MCGK5-S63ML 1 Spinning 6’3 Parabolic 80-180g 1.0-3.0PE
MCGK5-S64H 1 Spinning 6’4 Parabolic 180-300g 2.0-4.0PE
MCGK5-B64L 1 Overhead 6’4 Parabolic 30-120g Max 1.2PE
MCGK5-B64M 1 Overhead 6’4 Parabolic 60-180g Max 2.0PE
MCGK5-B64ML 1 Overhead 6’4 Parabolic 40-150g Max 1.5PE
MCGK5-B64SLJ 1 Overhead 6’4 Parabolic 20-80g Max 1.0PE
MCGK5-B66/0 1 Overhead 6’6 Parabolic 40-150g 0.6-1.5PE
MCGK5-B66/1 1 Overhead 6’6 Parabolic 80-180g 0.6-1.5PE
MCGK5-B66/2 1 Overhead 6’6 Parabolic 100-250g 0.8-2.0PE
MCGK5-B66/3 1 Overhead 6’6 Parabolic 120-300g 1.0-2.5PE
MCGK5-B66/4 1 Overhead 6’6 Parabolic 150-350g 1.0-3.0PE

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The latest 5G series of Giant Killing rods marks a remarkable advancement in both technology and performance. These rods stand out as the lightest SPJ rods. Exceptionally light and utilising the top-tier Toray intermediate modulus graphite, T1100G, ensures a perfect balance of flexibility and durability, creating a soft and parabolic rod that outshines those crafted with high modulus graphite, which tends to be too stiff and fragile.

The inclusion of a ergonomic Fuji reel seat and guides sets these rods apart, offering superior sensitivity and a more substantial feel.

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MC Giant Killing 5G GK5-B60H, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5-B60M, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5-B60MH, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5-B60ML, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5-S63M, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5-S63MH, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5-S63ML, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5-S64H, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5LJ-B64L, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5LJ-B64M, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5LJ-B64ML, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5LJ-B64SLJ, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5LJ-S64L, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5LJ-S64ML, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5LJ-S64SLJ, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5SJ-B66/0, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5SJ-B66/1, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5SJ-B66/2, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5SJ-B66/3, MC Giant Killing 5G GK5SJ-B66/4