MajorCraft Firstcast Shore Spin Series

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CODE PIECES TYPE LENGTH (FT) ACTION Lure weight (g) Line Weight (lb)
MCFCS-862L 2 Shore Spinning 8’6 Regular Fast 7-23g 6-12lb
MCFCS-862ML 2 Shore Spinning 8’6 Regular Fast 10-30g 8-14lb
MCFCS-962M 2 Shore Spinning 9’6 Regular Fast 15-42g 8-20lb
MCFCS-962ML 2 Shore Spinning 9’6 Regular Fast 10-30g 8-14lb

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MajorCraft stands at the forefront of Japan’s leading lure rod specialists, and their First Cast series embodies top-tier technologies at an affordable price point. Designed for beginners, the blank construction features a regular fast action, delivering sensitivity at the tip and exceptional feedback during fights.

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Shore Spin

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MC Firstcast FCS-862L, MC Firstcast FCS-862ML, MC Firstcast FCS-962M, MC Firstcast FCS-962ML, MC Giant Killing 1G GK1-S60H, MC Giant Killing 1G GK1-S62M, MC Giant Killing 1G GK1-S62MH, MC Giant Killing 1G GK1-S62ML, MC Giant Killing 1G GK1LJ-S63M, MC Giant Killing 1G GK1LJ-S63ML, MC Giant Killing 1G GK1SLJ-S64L, MC Giant Killing 1G GK1SLJ-S64UL