MajorCraft Crossride Shore Spin 5G Series

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CODE PIECES TYPE LENGTH (FT) ACTION Lure weight (g) Line Weight (PE)
MCXR5-1002H 2 Shore Spinning 10’0 Regular Fast 60-100g 1.5-3.5PE
MCXR5-1002HH 2 Shore Spinning 10’0 Regular Fast 80-120g 1.5-4.0PE
MCXR5-942ML/LSJ 2 Shore Spinning 9’4 Regular Fast 15-40g 0.6-1.5PE
MCXR5-962M 2 Shore Spinning 9’6 Regular Fast 20-60g 1.0-2.0PE
MCXR5-962M/LSJ 2 Shore Spinning 9’6 Regular Fast 15-50g 0.8-2.0PE
MCXR5-962MH 2 Shore Spinning 9’6 Regular Fast 40-80g 1.0-3.0PE

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Introducing the Cross Ride 5G, the latest pinnacle in shore jigging mastery. This newly developed jigging rod prioritizes power and torque, redefining the standards of full-scale jigging.

Employing the innovative “R360 structure” manufacturing method, each part of the rod – from tip to belly to butt section – undergoes meticulous enhancement for increased power and torque. Coupled with the cutting-edge material, “Toray Industries, Inc. T1100G Carbon,” this rod boasts the ultimate blank, seamlessly blending exceptional lightness, heightened sensitivity, and unmatched power.

Furthermore, the flickering motion is effectively minimized to its utmost limit, significantly reducing the physical strain on anglers who spend their days repeatedly casting and jerking, ensuring a more comfortable and efficient fishing experience.

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Shore Spin

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MajorCraft Crossride 5G XR5-1002H, MajorCraft Crossride 5G XR5-1002HH, MajorCraft Crossride 5G XR5-942ML/LSJ, MajorCraft Crossride 5G XR5-962M, MajorCraft Crossride 5G XR5-962M/LSJ, MajorCraft Crossride 5G XR5-962MH