MajorCraft Crossride Shore Spin 1G Series

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CODE PIECES TYPE LENGTH (FT) ACTION Lure weight (g) Line Weight (PE)
MCXR1-1002H 2 Shore Spinning 10’0 Regular Fast 60-100g 1.5-3.5PE
MCXR1-1002HH 2 Shore Spinning 10’0 Regular Fast 80-120g 1.5-4.0PE
MCXR1-942ML/LSJ 2 Shore Spinning 9’4 Regular Fast 15-40g 0.6-1.5PE
MCXR1-962M 2 Shore Spinning 9’6 Regular Fast 20-60g 1.0-2.0PE
MCXR1-962M/LSJ 2 Shore Spinning 9’6 Regular Fast 15-50g 0.8-2.0PE
MCXR1-962MH 2 Shore Spinning 9’6 Regular Fast 40-80g 1.0-3.0PE

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The 1G class of the Cross Ride series offers outstanding cost value and elevating the fundamental shore jigging capabilities to a superior level.In the realm of shore jigging, where the ability to cast continuously can make or break your chances, two key factors stand out: “resistance to fatigue” and “long-distance casting with minimal effort.” Yet, amidst these requirements, reliable butt power becomes essential when grappling with sizable catches.

Crafted to facilitate the handling of plug lures such as jigs, vibrations, minnows, and diving pencils with finesse, this rod boasts a versatile blank that enables swift and precise responses to on-the-spot opportunities. And while excelling in these finesse aspects, it’s the robust butt power that truly underscores its authenticity as a shore jigging rod, capable of withstanding the unexpected force of formidable fish.

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Shore Spin

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MajorCraft Crossride 1G XR1-1002H, MajorCraft Crossride 1G XR1-1002HH, MajorCraft Crossride 1G XR1-942ML/LSJ, MajorCraft Crossride 1G XR1-962M, MajorCraft Crossride 1G XR1-962M/LSJ, MajorCraft Crossride 1G XR1-962MH