MajorCraft Aji-Do 5G Series

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Code Length PE Casting Weight
MCAD5-S68M/AJI 6’8 0.1-0.5 0.5-5g
MCAD5-S722H/AJI 7’2 0.1-0.6 1+15g

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Mastering lightweight fishing is crucial for anglers seeking sensitivity and ease of operation, especially with ultra-light gear. The ‘Ajido 5G’ range combines innovative manufacturing techniques such as ‘R360 structure’ with cutting-edge material from ‘Toray Industries, Inc. T1100G carbon,’ resulting in top-tier blanks offering exceptional sensitivity and lightness. These blanks, designed to minimize distortion, seamlessly integrate with the body, delivering peak performance.

The rods feature a specialized ultra-sensitive solid carbon tip and excels in casting over long distances.

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MC Aji-Do 5G AD5-S682M/AJI, MC Aji-Do 5G AD5-S722H/AJI