MajorCraft JigPara Micro 5g

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Micro jigging is a specialized fishing technique that involves using small, lightweight jigs to target fish species in shallow to mid-depth waters. This finesse approach requires delicate presentations and precise control to entice fish into striking. Micro jigs typically weigh between 1.5g and 25g, allowing anglers to effectively target smaller or more finicky species that may be hesitant to strike larger lures.

The Jigpara Micro range from MajorCraft features a front and rear, or front only hook. These micro jigs, ranging from 3 to 15 grams, are specifically crafted for targeting smaller estuary and freshwater species. Designed to sink horizontally with minimal side-to-side action, they are particularly effective for catching bream and aggressive predatory fish.

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MC JigPara Micro 5g – 03 Red Gold, MC JigPara Micro 5g – 07 Zebra Glow, MC JigPara Micro 5g – 15 Keimura Iwashi, MC JigPara Micro 5g – 16 Keimura Katakuchi, MC JigPara Micro 5g – 17 Keimura Shirasu, MC JigPara Micro 5g – 18 Glow Pink, MC JigPara Micro 5g – 81 Live Kin Iwashi, MC JigPara Micro 5g – 83 Live Kin Aji, MC JigPara Micro 5g – 85 Live Kin Saba




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