The Majorcraft Dangan series offers high-quality fishing lines designed for both novice and seasoned anglers. Utilizing ultra-strong polyethylene fibres from Tobyo and advanced Japanese manufacturing, the Dangan braid provides lower stretch and heightened sensitivity.

Available in various braid strengths, this line offers user-friendly handling for beginners and heavy-duty performance for professionals. Its smooth surface reduces friction on guides and reels, enhancing casting distance and improving line lay. The multi-colour option, in ten-meter increments, caters to general jigging and offshore work.

The 4-strand variant, while robust and less supple, suits offshore bait fishing and various cost-effective activities. In contrast, the 8-strand line, woven differently with smaller bundles, offers a smoother, rounder, and supple feel, reducing sing-through on guides, albeit at a higher cost.

The MC Dangan Egi, available in different pound classes, including pink hues, and various lengths, finds utility in estuary fishing like Bream.

The Cross 8, an evolution of the original Dangan braid, features ultra-high-strength Japanese polyethylene fiber IZANAS. Its advanced gel spinning technology, woven in an 8-strand pattern and coated in F60 material, creates a supple line, reducing tangling and enhancing sensitivity.

Additionally, the Dangan Kantan FC or Fluorocarbon serves as a pre-looped leader, simplifying the line-to-leader connection for Egi anglers. Its properties of flexibility, strong knot holding, low stretch, water resistance, and low visibility make it ideal for detecting subtle bites along the line.

Overall, the Majorcraft Dangan series offers a range of braids and leaders, providing durability, sensitivity, and ease of use for various fishing applications, from estuary fishing to offshore bait fishing.

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Showing all 12 results