Trick Bitz Glass Rattles

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Sound is a huge, determining influence in angling success. From the subtle tail beats of a cruising minnow to the cadence of a fleeing school of bait fish under attack, sound plays an influential role in predatory fish behaviour. Lure anglers have known this for a long time and the team at Atomic have put the power to control sound in the anglers hand.
The Trick Bitz range of glass rattles are the perfect partner for your soft plastics, with their unique sound providing a unique, acoustic footprint to your favourite plastic. Available in two sizes, the glass rattles feature a pointed-end for easy insertion into all types of soft plastics. The addition of a glass rattle adds an extra dimension to your lure, and added fish catching appeal

Size: 1 ( 3 x 16mm ), 2 ( 5 x 16.5mm )

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Trick Bitz Glass Rattles, Size #01, Trick Bitz Glass Rattles, Size #02