Hardz DragStar 130mm Mid

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Style Size Weight Action Depth
Sinking 130mm 52.0g Tight wobble and roll 3.0m
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Targeting large pelagic species with precision, the Atomic Dragstar 130 Mid is the outcome of extensive research and development, incorporating insights gained from numerous prototypes over 18 months. Tailored for trolling applications, our lure has undergone rigorous testing, especially with the 130mm models capable of cruising at a steady 15 knots.

This lure isn’t just about high-speed action; it’s a testament to the meticulous efforts put into achieving the perfect balance. This precision is evident in the lure’s exceptional ability to navigate smoothly across the entire speed spectrum, from slow to fast.

Engineered with a robust plastic terminal tackle molding, the Dragstar ensures the hooks remain securely in place even under intense pressure, surpassing the strength of traditional through-wire designs.

Tailored for species like big tuna, kingfish, mackerel, and wahoo, the Atomic Dragstar 130 Mid stands out as the ideal trolling lure for offshore enthusiasts seeking reliable and effective performance.


Tuna (all species), mackerel, wahoo, kingfish
The Atomic Dragstar is a high speed trolling lure for offshore use. It comes in two sizes with a max trolling speed of 15 knots for the 130mm and 18 knots for the 190mm. It is designed to be trolled for pelagic speedsters all over the country. It also works well at slow speeds.
• This lure is generally used with a heavy offshore outfit. These lures pull plenty of drag so a heavy rod and strong drag are needed.
• Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
• Set the lures behind the boat and troll at your desired speed. Look for current lines, or feeding birds to find the fish.
• If you are trolling multiple lures, set them at different depths and distances from the back of the boat.
• If you are chasing toothy fish like mackerel and wahoo, rig the lure with a length of wire to avoid bite offs.
• Once you hook up, keep trolling for another few moment, you could get a double.
• If you prefer singles, you can change the trebles that come pre-rigged


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Hardz DragStar 130 Mid – Angry Red Head, Hardz DragStar 130 Mid – Gold Wolf, Hardz DragStar 130 Mid – Pearl Chartreuse, Hardz DragStar 130 Mid – Pilchard, Hardz DragStar 130 Mid – Screaming Green, Hardz DragStar 130 Mid – Silver Glitter, Hardz DragStar 130 Mid – Silver Wolf, Hardz DragStar 130 Mid – Wicked Weasel, Hardz DragStar 130 Mid -Dr Watson


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