Gamakatsu Assisthook Connector

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The Gamakatsu Assist Hook connector is perfect for any jigging specialist who likes to prepare their own hooks. Available in three different sizes 4cm, 5cm and 6cm, they are perfectly suited for a variety of different jigs and jig sizes. From your smaller jigs (to target any inshore species) up to your monstrous jigs (for chasing those dream fish) these Assist connectors will be able to assist you in any situation.

Available in sizes: 6, 5, 4.
Available in pre packs.

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Gama Assisthook Connector Sz 4 – PE 30 5 Pk, Gama Assisthook Connector Sz 5 – PE 30 5 Pk, Gama Assisthook Connector Sz 6 – PE 30 5 Pk




4, 5, 6